INFINITY Eyelash Extension Glue 5ml


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Try it just once and you'll be amazed! This incredible glue for extension lashes will give your applications extra flexibility and durability (up to 8 weeks !!!).

Easy to use:
Average bonding time: up to 8 weeks and more
Asciugatura: 1-2 seconds (about)
Color: black

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Viky's Eyes eyelash extension glue INFINITY

Viky's Eyes's Infinity Eyelash Extension Glue is a high performance adhesive, able to satisfy and amaze even the most demanding customer.
Easy to use, it is aimed at professional lashmakers who need a highly performing adhesive, capable of keeping records.
The new formulation of Infinity Eyelash Extension Glue has been designed to achieve a very high and long lasting adhesive power, while maintaining optimum traits for both one-on-one and advanced 2D, 3D, 4D, and Russian; In addition, its technical features are perfectly matched with our Excellence Flat Lashes lashes, which give you an intense look, full but without the customer's eye.

The convenient 5ml vial will allow you to have a fresh and new product, avoiding buying larger packs, risking having, at the end of your life cycle, glue that has deteriorated characteristics and no longer responding to your expectations.

Technical highlights:

Ease to use:
Average bonding time: up to 8 weeks and more
Drying: 1-2 seconds (about)
Color: black

How use at best Viky's Eyes eyelash extension glues:

As the most skilled lashmakers already know, Viky's Eyes recommends working in a clean, aseptic professional environment with relative environmental humidity around 50-60%: this will make the glue work under ideal conditions and catalyze the maximum of its potential, returning a lasting and highly professional result.
Fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioning near the workstation can ruin the end result; to cool the environment in warmer months it is advisable to use a evaporator cooler.

Prior to each application, Viky's Eyes strongly recommends degreasing natural lashes with its Pure Primer to provide glue the ideal environment for maximum performance, which will result in a perfect, lighter application but above all longer lasting.

Before each use, shake well for about 30 seconds and close the bottle well after each drop taken to reduce air contact to a minimum.

Change the drop at least every 30 minutes (at particularly hot times it is recommended to do so every 15 to 20 minutes) to ensure maximum adhesive power always and in any case.
Avoid putting the new drop on the old one, you would only risk spoiling the adhesive properties of the glue.

Keep the glue in a cool, dry place: even the fridge can be a viable alternative.
Please use the excellent resealable aluminium bag that Viky's Eyes present to you for a better conservation.

How read "technical highlights":

Viscosity: is the glue consistency: more glue it is viscous, more it will remain plastic, while a slightly viscous glue tend to be more liquid.

Persistence: the glue capacity to stay in the best state once catalyzed. More higher is the parameter "Persistence" and the longer the applications will be.

Flexibility: after application, the glue will tend to maintain a certain degree of softness. Plus this parameter is high and the glue will remain soft to the touch.

Stimulation: during the catalysis, the glue releases more or less annoying fumes for the customer. Plus, this parameter is high and more this "discomfort" may occur to those who have a particularly sensitive eye; conversely, if this parameter is low, it is much more difficult for this issue to appear.

Ease to use: Well, it's simply an evaluation of our experts who have been able to thoroughly test these products: the more this parameter is lower, more high will be the skill that the operator will need for application; Conversely, if this paramex is higer, even less experienced personnel can get highly professional results.

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